CCU full meaning

The ccu full meaning is critical care unit. CCU (critical care unit) also called a is a specialist unit of a hospital or clinic that provides emergency care.

C = Critical

C = Care

U = Unit

  • Patients in intensive care units have significant or life-threatening conditions that necessitate regular maintenance and constant monitoring of life-support equipment and medications to ensure that the body functions normally.
  • Physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists that specialize in the care of critically ill patients have received unique training.
  • The ICU differs from the hospital ward in that it has a larger staff-to-patient ratio and has access to advanced medical resources and equipment not found elsewhere.
  • Chronic heart disease, septic shock, and other potentially life-threatening diseases are common conditions treated in the ICU.
  • Patients can be referred directly from the urgent care or the ward if they are rapidly deteriorating, or right after surgery if the surgery is particularly severe and the patient is at danger of infection.

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