CCTV Full Form

CCTV Full Form: Closed Circuit Television

Advantages of CCTV

  • CCTV systems are excellent deterrent to thieves. He’ll prefer to go somewhere else, After a thief realize that he is under surveillance of CCTV. 
  • It reduces the fear of crime.
  • It facilitates remote monitoring.
  • It increases the business efficiency and enhances profitability.
  • It can be Utilized as a best option for home security.
  • Additionally, it also increases the risks for shoplifters.
  • CCTV footage Offers valuable assistance to the authorities in investigating crimes.

It’s a system where all of the components like video camera, screen monitors are directly linked. It is used to track a more sensitive region ( A special area which needs constant observation and there is no you to watch all of the time). Record them and it is very valuable to avoid crime because it monitors the activities. It is also used for traffic monitoring by detecting congestion and notice injuries.

CCTV uses wireless or wired transmission broadcast to the monitor or recording device or to deliver the signals. It may transmit audio, video or both. Advanced CCTV cameras have night vision abilities to capture low light pictures. The CCTV sign are not distributed but are monitored for safety purposes.

Basic Components of CCTV

  • Security Cameras (Analog or Digital).
  • Cables (RJ45 or RJ59 Cables).
  • Video Recorders (DVR or NVR).
  • Storage Unit (usually a Hard Disk).
  • Display Unit (optional, usually a monitor).

Places where CCTV’s are usually installed.

  • Banks
  • Shops and multiplexes.
  • Casinos
  • City Roads and Highways
  • Construction and Residential Apartments
  • Corporate Homes
  • Government Offices and Buildings
  • Airports and Railway Stations
  • Industrial plants etc..  

The CCTV was set up at Test Stand VII at Peenemunde in Germany. Siemens AG installed it. The charge of setup and technological design of the system goes to a German scientist Walter Bruch.


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