BCCA Full Form

Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application is the bcca full form. The Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application course is designed to provide opportunities for students who want careers as technical professionals, information systems managers, and consultants. It will offer a broad background necessary for application development with emphasis on the use of technology skills needed by business entrepreneurs & IT professionals.

The Bachelors degree in computer applications helps you build knowledge about today’s most current technologies that drive your career forward into innovative fields like sales force automation, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce solutions, etc., The program develops an understanding of how businesses work and what they need from new emerging technological concepts; it looks at issues concerning strategic planning within organizations using “best practices” approaches towards efficient implementation processes.

  1. The Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application is a four-year degree program that offers students the opportunity to study business and computer science.
  2. Students will have opportunities to take courses in both fields, as well as be able to specialize in one field or the other.
  3. This course is designed for those who want a more technical education with an emphasis on business.
  4. For example, students may choose from courses such as Principles of Accounting Information Systems, Financial Decision Making and Analysis, Management Information Systems, and Corporate Finance.
  5. In addition to their studies at university level, graduates are also required to complete a six-month internship during their final year of study.
  6. Graduates can expect job opportunities in accounting firms or with companies that need expert knowledge about how computers affect organizational processes.
  7. This course is designed to meet the needs of students who want a career in business but also have an interest in computers and software.
  8. The course has been created with the latest industry trends in mind, so you’ll be able to get a head start on your future career.
  9. You’ll study topics such as accounting, customer service, economics, entrepreneurship and much more during this qualification.
  10. Learn from qualified lecturers from both within the university and outside organisations that will help you develop your skills for success.
  11. Gain hands-on experience through work placements or internships where you can apply what you’ve learned while still studying.
  12. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application qualification under your belt it’s easier than ever to find employment at some of Australia’s leading companies including Telstra, IBM and Woolworths.

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