AXIS Bank Full Form

AXIS Bank Full Form (AXIS FULL FORM) – AXIS Bank essentially has no full form. However, the bank was previously known as the UTI Bank, founded in 1994 as a bank. The United India Trust (UTI) is considered as one of India’s biggest private banks. The bank later, however, changed the name to AXIS which … Read more

UCO Bank Full Form

UCO Bank full form is United Commercial Bank. UCO Bank is a central government-owned bank that was established in 1943. It has had its share of ups and downs throughout the years, but it remains one of India’s most successful banks today with total assets worth ₹ 3.24 lakh crore as documented by 2020 data … Read more

TRF full form

TRF full form

The trf full form is TRANSFER. Different forms of online money transfer Banking features are NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, IFSC. NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) National Transfer of Electronic Funds (NEFT) is a nationwide method of payment which facilitates one-to-one transfer of funds. Under such a program, customers are able to move funds from their bank … Read more

PMC bank full form

The pmc bank full form is Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank Limited. PMC started operations in 1983 as a multi-state cooperative bank. It has 137 branches in half a dozen Indian states, with nearly 100 of them in Maharashtra. The Reserve Bank of India regulates it, and it is registered under the Cooperative Societies Act. … Read more

Full Form KYC

Full Form KYC is Know Your Customer. Know your customer or KYC is a process that financial institutions and companies follow to identify their customers. It involves three steps – identifying the client, verifying their identity using government-issued documents such as id proofs and address proof etc., keeping records of all activities for future reference. … Read more

Full Form Of OK

full form of ok

Full Form Of OK is Okay. OK is the most commonly used word in English. It’s short for “Okay,” and it can be written out as okay or O-K. OK has several meanings depending on how it is spelled when said aloud by an individual because many of these words are homophones with different spellings … Read more

IDBI Bank full form

Industrial Development Bank of India Bank

The idbi bank full form is Industrial Development Bank of India. IDBI Bank is a public sector banking company headquartered in Mumbai. It provides services such as financing, insurance and wealth management to retail customers through its branches located throughout India. IDBI bank is one of the leading financial service providers that offer varied products … Read more