Full Form Of DVD

Full Form Of DVD D =  Digital V =  Video  D =  Disk  or  D =  Digital  V =  Versatile  D =  Disk  It is a digital optical plate storage design imagined and created in 1995 that is utilized to store high capacity information like videos and motion pictures.  VCDs were well known optical information … Read more

Full Form PUBG

Full Form PUBG – (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.) The games that are taking over internet gaming by storm. PUBG is one of those, and one of the first. A mod that transformed into an independent game. Notwithstanding, there’s the inquiry, is the game good? Is it playable? Do the clients appreciate it? For my closely-held conviction, we … Read more

IRB Full Form

IRB Full Form IRB Full Form          Category:Military and Defence I = India  R = Reserve  B = Battalion IRB Full Form          Category:Banking I = Internal  R = Ratings  B = Based IRB Full Form          Category:Healthcare I = Institutional  R = Review  B = … Read more

PPE Full Form

Personal Protection Equipment is the PPE Full Form. The acronym stands for Personal Protection Equipment and it refers to any of various items worn on one’s person while engaging in activities that may result from contact with blood or other bodily fluids. These pieces include hoods, gloves, protective eyewear as well as garments designed specifically … Read more

CCP Full Form

ccp full form in medical, ccp full form in hindi, ccp full form in finance, ccp full form in engineering, ccp full form in chemistry, ccp full form in education, ccp full form china, ccp full form in police. Category: Networking 1. C = Collaborative C = Computational P = Project 2. C = Client … Read more

Full Form Of BSC

Full Form Of BSC (B.Sc) –  Bachelor of Science It is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for completing a three-year course in the discipline of science and engineering. It’s a favorite academic degree class among the science students after passing the 12th class exam. This training course length can differ from nation to nation. It … Read more

CCTV Full Form

CCTV Full Form: Closed Circuit Television Advantages of CCTV CCTV systems are excellent deterrent to thieves. He’ll prefer to go somewhere else, After a thief realize that he is under surveillance of CCTV.  It reduces the fear of crime. It facilitates remote monitoring. It increases the business efficiency and enhances profitability. It can be Utilized … Read more

EIB full form

EIB full form EIB FULL FORM ( Construction – CATEGORY) E = European I = Installation B = Bus EIB FULL FORM ( Banking – CATEGORY) E = Export I = Import B = Bank EIB FULL FORM ( Misc – CATEGORY) E = European I = Investment B = Bank EIB FULL FORM ( … Read more


Sound Navigation and Ranging is the sonar full form. SONAR, also known as active sonar is a technique in which sound waves are emitted and then reflected back at an object to determine the distance between it. The time for the echo to return indicates how far away that object is from where we’re standing; … Read more

MMTC Full Form

1. MMTC FULL FORM – MMTC Ltd ( NSE Company Symbol – CATEGORY) Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is the mmtc full form. One of the top two foreign-exchange earners for India and India’s largest trading body in the public sector. It handle the export of agro-industrial goods and primary products like coal, iron ore. Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is a world leader in the trading of copper, nickel, aluminum products. … Read more