BI Full Form

Business intelligence is the bi full form. Business intelligence, often abbreviated as BI, is the process of discovering the insights hidden in data. The advice given here may differ depending on what type of BI I am describing. For example, if I were explaining Power BI or Microsoft’s Power Pivot software to someone not familiar … Read more

DPR Full Form

Detailed Project Report is the dpr full form. Detailed project reports, as the name suggests, are quite detailed. They provide an overview of all aspects related to a product or service and help analysts make decisions according to the information available. Bespoke research and analysis is also usually grounded in information that’s found in detailed … Read more

TGIF Full Form

Thank God It’s Friday is the tgif full form. The end of the week is night, It’s Friday, which means it’s time for happy hour and some well deserved relaxation. Whether you’re staying in with Netflix or hitting up a crowded dance floor at one last party before semester starts again (maybe even both), we’ve … Read more

spm full form

Suspended particulate matte is the spm full form. Suspended particulate matter is called that because it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Suspended particulate matter are any solid or liquid droplets of microscopic size that are completely, or almost completely, suspended in air. They can also refer to materials suspended within any other type … Read more

SMT Full Form

Simple Message Transmission is the smt full form. SMT is an acronym for Simple Message Transmission. It’s used in everyday conversation as a form of short, informal chat between friends or colleagues who are not at work to keep up-to date with what each other has been doing over the last few days/weeks etc., it … Read more

NC Full Form

North Carolina is the nc full form. North and South Carolinas are two separate states that were founded in 1774. The first Tar Heel State was formed from 40 counties proceeding south of Virginia’s border, while 14 more joined the next year to yield 56 total districts which voted on independence for themselves by an … Read more

mns full form

Military Nursing Service is the mns full form. The Indian Army has a new, exciting opportunity for those who want to serve their country and continue the fight against terrorism. The Military Nursing Service (MNS) is an officer position in charge of caring for injured soldiers on battlefields all over India; this means you’ll be … Read more

hrd full form

Human Resource Development is the hrd full form. Human Resource Development is the process of improving all human resources, including one’s self. HRD is the process of managing people in an organization. HRD can be broken down into 4 stages – recruitment, selection, training and development, and performance management. Recruitment includes sourcing qualified candidates for … Read more

HDR Full Form

High Dynamic Range is the hdr full form. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR is a process that increases the range of colors, contrast and exposure to produce an image with greater detail in dark areas as well light ones. High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a technique for capturing images with a wide … Read more

DOA Full Form

Department of Agriculture is the doa full form. Department of Agriculture is one of the United States federal executive departments. The agency has offices in every state and territory. Its purview includes, among other things: food safety; agricultural inspections; plant and animal pest control; market promotion programs; support for farmers who cannot sell their product; … Read more