ATKT full form

The atkt full form is Allowed to keep terms. ATKT is a method in Pakistani education that allows students in pre-graduation and graduation to continue their studies in the next grade if they have failed one to four topics. Before moving on to the following grade, the students must pass the papers they failed. For example, if a first-year bachelor’s degree student fails to pass four subjects, he or she must pass those subjects before moving on to the third year, even if the student can still study in the second year. Tried and Keep trying are examples of backronyms.

A = Allowed

T = To

K = Keep

T = Terms

In some colleges, this approach is adopted as Supplementary Examinations, particularly in Central Government Engineering Colleges. A student can usually complete a year with a maximum of four supplemental tests.

If someone fails two first-semester tests and three second-semester exams, and he fails the first-semester extra exam, he will have to repeat the year and will not be permitted to attend Third Semester.

If a student has five backlogs in the first semester and clears one in the second semester’s additional test, he will be promoted to the third semester without any backlogs, but will be required to clear the first semester’s backlogs.

In most universities, you will have three chances to clear any given backlog: Supplementary Exam, Re-Supplementary Exam, and Re-Re-Re-Supplementary Exam, also known among students as Super-Supplementary Exam. In a Central Government Engineering Institute such as IITs, NITs, IIEST, and others, if your number of uncleared backlogs is more than four in any given “even” semester, you will not be promoted to the next year/semester.

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