APIIC full form

APIIC Full Form

A = Andhra

P = Pradesh

I = Industrial

I = Infrastructure

C = Corporation Limited

On 26 September 1973, with an approved capital of Rs 20.00 crore and paid-up capital of Rs 16.33 crore, Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited (APIIC) was incorporated.

APIIC is an undertaking wholly owned by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The corporation has so far established more than 300 industrial parks spread over a total of approximately 1,21,655 acres (including allotted area) inherent in the objective of providing industrial infrastructure through the growth of industrial areas.

The corporation is also creating area-centric parks such as apparel parks / food processing parks / leather parks, as well as special economic zones in the state. 3500 industrial sheds, 4800 dormitory units and 466 commercial shops have also been built by the firm.

With the advent of economic liberalisation, the business has adapted to the changing needs of the economy and has played a facilitative role. To its credit, with a private promoter, the company has established a high-tech city.

In mega projects such as the Special Economic Zone, Visakhapatnam Water Supply, Gangavaram Port, Convention Center, Mega Industrial Park in Parwara, Pashmilaram Financial District Hardware Park in Hyderabad, the company is the main architect.

The corporation owes various government agencies the execution of civil works. Works have been carried out for the Indian Institute of Information Technology covering the Referral Hospital, Navodaya School Polytechnic Building Court Complex, Construction and Hostel.

The government assigned the task of building Games Stadia and Games Village for the National Games on a project management basis. The Company is the nodal agency for government-sponsored schemes such as Growth Center, Export Promotion Industrial Park, Integrated Infrastructure Development Center.

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